Time to upgrade?

With the coming of the new year, a feeling of shame has crept into the minds of millions of PC gaming freaks and self-acclaimed tech gurus worldwide, about their rig. A shame on their processors, RAM, hard disk size and above all their graphic cards. More than 80% people have got a shitty Intel integrated graphic card onto their rig that cant even support games like Far Cry (released in 2004) even now unless you have got a highly advanced and latest Intel chipset or a nVidia one at a mind-boggling price.

The autumn-winter of 2007 brought about yet another series of games that setback thousands of gamers worldwide into depression as not only those games (like Bioshock, Hellgate: London, Crysis, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Gears of War, World in Conflict etc.) could not be played on their rig but installing them required a staggering 6 to 15 GB each. And even if you had cleaned your hard disk to make way for them, then there is Video HW Transform & Lighting, Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0 compatibility with your graphic card that will add to your woes. And the ‘Transform & Lighting’ thingy is not even supported in 95% of Intel’s chipsets except the G965 and some others of this exclusive class.

And yet another thing that is making the PC enthusiastic embarrassed of their system is the speed of their processors. With the launch of Intel Core 2 Quad and AMD Opteron series the good-ole 2.4-3 Ghz processors look like a century old. Even Core 2 Duo (I have got one, E4400 @ 2.0 Ghz) seems at least a decade old with 12 Ghz processors in the market. And if you ever thought that (or still think) that 256 MB RAM was good enough to survive in this tech-crazy world, one can hardly blame a retard like you.

The year 2007 brought about the release of the sixth version of Windows OS, Vista. Now this memory-hungry OS was stunning in its look but the adjective ‘memory-hungry’ given to it is not for namesake. It requires some 18-odd GB of hard-disk space, 1 GB of RAM and a minimum 128 MB graphics card (an integrated one can do) to run. Talking about Vista, everything you have ever heard about it being a piece of trash and a $349 pile of shit is absolutely wrong. Microsoft has definitely taken a step in the future with this OS and its user-friendly GUI. It definitely has got some cons but the in totality it is worth spending your money on.

Another thing that has kept the tech world in amazement is the release of the new nVidia 8800 GTS, the cheapest DirectX 10 compatible GPU in the world. The 8800 GTS is very much like its predecessor, 8800 GTX, in performance but what makes it different from the GTX is the price. With the DirectX 10 becoming the future of the PC games, the gamers have to upgrade their PC in the near future.

But that’s where the problem lies. The technology we are gaping at currently is not here to stay. The Vista will soon be replaced by Windows 7 (codename) in the next two years year, which Microsoft says would be based upon touch computing technology.And nVidia has launched its 9 series of GPU’s already and improvising on it every seond week. If you still think your PC is the best gaming platform in the world, then check out Alienware ( if it is not Alienware, already) The 12 GHz processors may soon become outdated by the end of this year observing the current trend. So what should we do? Upgrade our rigs to the latest tech which is being outdated every third month. Or should we wait and watch? Or should we stick to our good-ole systems till nothing works on it…


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