Mumblings and Bumblings

Hi, I’m Dhananjay. Dhananjay Kumar Singh Yadav.

Quite a long name, huh? I know and I have no idea why is that so.

I am a 15-year old boy, having a happy and uncomplicated life. It may sound clichéd but I believe in enjoying every moment of my life and the good thing is I am actually successful in it. That’s why probably my current favorite song is The Good Life.

I made this web log for no practical purpose and doubt if I will use this frequently. Nevertheless, I created it to write something whenever I feel like and share my thoughts which I would not or could not do verbally. That’s why the name. Mumblings and Bumblings. Not that I am not capable of doing so verbally but because my vocals might not find listeners. So I found this way to be more convenient and prudent.

Here, in this blog, you will find some copied stuff and some genuine write-ups. You are welcome to comment on anything you like or don’t like.


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