Kick Off!

Finally, the UEFA Euro 2008 kicks off today. With 16 best teams of Europe at loggerheads for the continental glory, this would be a tournament to watch. Alas, it would affect my sleeping times more than the adrenal glands because most of the mesmerizing games of the tournament are scheduled to start at 00:30 IST. But what the heck!

The player to watch out for in this contest would be Fernando Torres who had a wonderful EPL debut season for Liverpool almost overshadowing Christiano Ronaldo’s accomplishment. Torres, along with David Villa, Cesc Fabregas and Xabi Alonso form a lethal combination that can end Spain’s drought of glory at international level. Carlos Puyol and Sergio Ramos are also crucial for the Spain’s national side which aim to win the European crown. Even though they struggled to make an impact in the qualifiers and managed to get through after some gritty performances, I believe they can prove to be a team to beat in this tourney. So my money is on Spain!

Even if they don’t win I will manage to make them the winners in the UEFA EURO 2008 game I hope to get hold of soon. Or maybe England because they could not even manage to qualify.


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