Die Another Day (Part 2)

Usually, my predictions and prayers are by and large wide off the mark. So of late, I had begun to make my guesses and prayers inverse to what I desired. This way I was positive that whatever I intimately wished could actually happen. So when I passionately wanted Manchester United to rout Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League Final in Moscow I prayed for the London-based club to win. They lost. Similarly, when I wanted Rajasthan Royals to win against Chennai Super Kings in the final of Indian Premier League, I prayed for a Chennai win. They also lost. This and a couple of more events in the past gave me the conviction that whatever I pray for does not come about.

So this time I prayed for the Italian national side to reign over the French in the ongoing Euro 2008 tournament. If everything had gone according to my innermost desires, Italians should have been packing their bags and heading back to enjoy the Italian sun. Imagine, the so-called world champions thrown out of Euro in the group stages. But as they say, nothing ever goes according to you when you don’t really want it to (If you haven’t heard or read this before, consider it mine). Italy thrashed France 2-0 and lived on to see another day. Maybe I wanted Italy to stay on extended vacation and have them seen off given by Spain in the quarters. But what if Italy prevailed in their quarter-final encounter? I would be sincerely praying for the Azzurris and intimately desire that “die another day” no longer remains an option to them after their clash with the Group D toppers.


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